Real World Solutions

A major American chemical manufacturer successfully sold, through the expertise and contacts of The Abadon Group, a high-tech manufacturing facility in Taiwan.

The Abadon Group, through its resources in Japan, was instrumental in the export of a continuous-casting mill operation for a major Japanese steel manufacturer.

The first American-owned joint venture in the Chinese city of Dalian was a direct result of The Abadon Group's working relationship with a large multinational corporation.

1998, The Abadon Group.

Whether you are an experienced international trader, or are considering your first non-domestic venture, Abadon can provide a wide range of valuable business planning and management services. Depending on your needs, Abadon can coordinate virtually every element of a successful international business arrangement including:


Real Estate Development
Joint Venture Partner Searches and Negotiations
Manufacturing Site Selection
Foreign Business Environment Analysis
Office Setup and Registration
External Product Pricing
Government Approval Procedures
Foreign Investment Repatriation
Staff Recruitment and Motivation
Labor Law Compliance
Raw Material and Finished Goods Sourcing
ISO Certification
Contract Manufacturing
Local Infrastructure Development
Foreign In-Country Shipping and Handling
Product Promotion
Trade Show Participation
Local Trademark and Logo Development
Translation and Interpretation
Business Introductions


Local, Import/Trade Regulatory Compliance
Patent, Trademark and Copywriting Protection
Customs, Duties and Tax Collection
Product Localization and and Labeling
Customs House Brokerage and Freight
Letters of Credit
Telegraphic Fund Transfers
Quality Assurance
Company Profile and Credit Information
Project Financing
Market Analysis
Market Plan Development and Implementation


Manufacturer's Agency
Distributor Arrangements
Compensation Trade

We can provide comprehensive international business assistance, or selected services based on a client's specific requirements. For details on available services, contact The Abadon Group.