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The Abadon Group manages the operational expansion including joint venture negotiations and governmental regulation compliance of an international petroleum corporation in China.

1998, The Abadon Group.

Companies of virtually every size and type are now pursuing lucrative opportunities in international markets. By building global business ties – from the most basic trading transactions to the most complex foreign sourcing and manufacturing arrangements – companies can enjoy expanded sales and increased profits by establishing themselves in the global marketplace.

There are fortunes to be made on the international scene. To ensure the success of a non-domestic venture, while minimizing the risk of doing business on an unfamiliar landscape, astute managers seek the counsel and guidance of experienced international business specialists. In many cases, management relies exclusively on international business specialists to handle overseas business, freeing themselves to concentrate on domestic and core business issues.

That is where The Abadon Group can help. Abadon specializes in providing professional global trading and business services to companies in the United States, Europe, Asia and elsewhere. Our principals have amassed literally decades of combined experience in establishing trans-national corporate structures, joint ventures and trading arrangements.

We work with large multi-national corporations as well as with the smallest of start-up ventures. Abadon offers a comprehensive range of international business services and the support of our influential network of global partners and associations.

If you are in business, you already compete in the emerging global marketplace. All business today is unavoidably impacted by the easy manner in which internationally aware bussinesses both large and small access markets wherever it is to their advantage. To give your venture the benefits of a more efficient and profitable international business position, call on the services of The Abadon Group.